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It is our goal at Reykjavik Law Firm to provide companies with reliable and pragmatic legal services.

Reykjavik Law Firm has always been focused on providing complete one-stop-shop services companies of all sizes, both domestic and foreign. Among our long term clients are many of the leading companies of Iceland, as well as a large number of SME´s.  Many municipalities and governmental agencies also heavily rely on our services.

Corporate services have always been the bedrock of our practice. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our team has experience and expertise in a broad range of commercial matters and a mixture of both the practical and academic aspects of commercial law.

Reykjavik Law Form has established close relationships with many leading foreign law firms, enabling us to provide our domestic customers with the services they need, even in multi-jurisdictional matters.

Financial and Corporate Law

Reykjavik Law Firm advises companies on a wide range of matters relating to financial services, commercial law and corporate law. We have considerable experience in handling complex mandates relating to financial services and the capital markets, corporate law and tax law.

We handle all legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions, perform legal due diligence, tax advice and assist with founding and establishing all kinds of corporations. Reykjavik Law Firm also provides expert assistance on all kinds of restructuring, de-mergers and winding-up processes. Many of our clients task us with preparing and chairing AGM´s and shareholders meetings. When it comes to corporate and commercial litigation and dispute settlement, we can get the job done, whether the dispute is at the administrative level or before courts.

General Contract Law and contract drafting

Reykjavik Law Firm provides a complete range of services when it comes to Contract Law and contract drafting. It is important to take care in defining contractual relationships, rights and duties at the start of any transaction or long-term business venture. With skillful drafting, unnecessary disputes and uncertainties down the line can be avoided.

Among our frequent tasks is drafting contracts for the purchase and sale of assets, joint-venture agreements, documents for tendering and license and franchise agreements.

Competition Law

Reykjavik Law Firm is dedicated to ensure full services on competiton law. For example, we define and or recommend compliance programs, assist during investigations initiated by the Icelandic Competition Authority, analyse obligations to notify competition authorities in relation to M&A etc.

Tax Law

Reykjavik Law Firm provides individuals and corporates with a broad range of services related to Tax Law.

Among the services we are particularly experiences in providing are advising on the tax issues relating to financial restructuring, de-mergers, mergers and liquidation, and preparing tax due diligence research. We specialize in both income tax and indirect taxation such as value added tax. Reykjavik Law Firm also provides tax advice to individuals and assists them in dealing with tax authorities. As well as providing advice, our team also assists in more formal tax disputes, both at an administrative level and before the courts.